Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How often do you quilt? How often does life get in the way?

I try to do some form of quilting everyday, try being the operative word. Most days it works great. Others..... not so much. Take today for example, so far not one thing quilty have I accomplished. I did do the dishes, sweep the floors, begin spring cleaning on the bedrooms, finish all cooking for the day, work on laundry, fix handle all the animal needs (E changed the litter box today, Woo hoo!!! I really dislike that chore, alas it will be my turn again thursday) and have a great day with payton (he got to skip school today to visit with some family from out of town). Aside from continuing laundry and the bedrooms, neither of which will be finished today, I can hopefully finish basting at least one more color of hexies!

I've also been following Leah Day's blog. she is doing a free-motion quilt along. I really want to have time to actually participate, as opposed to just watch....... Just as soon as I finish 3 projects that have deadlines.

So for anyone that actually reads this, here is my question to you. How often do you get to quilt? Are you an everyday quilter like me that only misses when "life happens" or do you just fit it in a few times a week or even a month?

For anyone that wants to join or even just follow along, Leah Day's blog is:



  1. I TRY to machine quilt once a week at least. I'm currently working on a Grandmother's Flower Garden that I try to work on a little every day. The GFG is easier because its not a big production to get started. I just turn on TV or a movie, pop open my case and start.

    You can check out my stuffs at http://troubled2011.xanga.com/.... I'm also bookworm on the quilting board :)

    1. I love your GFG it looks like your almost finished with the top! Really like the Harry Potter paper piecing to, I'm using Hagred's Hut in the Magical Forrest Swap on QB.