Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fairy House for Mom!

My mom has been making fairy gardens for her yard. She has 3 so far and has been wanting a fairy house to go with it! So here is what I made her with the help of my bestie. Elizabeth put alot of the bark on the lower part of the house (she's great at the puzzle work of making odd shapes fit together) and helped with some of the moss on the inside (you can't see it but we wanted the inside to look as good as the outside and I just couldn't get the moss just right without her). I did the roof, moss, and clothes line. It was alot of fun to make :) The next one will be for Payton and I to do!  I'm glad we did this one without him though, I know it sounds mean. There was a big learning curve and I know a couple parts that will require lots of adult supervision and which ones are kid friendly.

 This is the closest to what it looks like in person.
You can't have a fairy house without a clothes line :)
 View of the back
Trying to get a shot of the birds nest I made and the little bird that came from hobby lobby! The bark came out of the back yard!!

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