Friday, April 27, 2012

The Mad Dash!

It's almost May! Oh no! I'm feeling the pressure of up and coming deadlines. I'm not behind where I planned to be. The snag is that Payton is all better now and we aren't. I know we taught him to share but still, this is not fun. Life must go on though, parents don't get sick days! There is so much to be done and so many things coming up!

Actually Payton has allergy testing on Monday to see what he is allergic to (I'm betting on ragweed and pollen type allergies since that's what I have and his flare up same time as mine).

When we go on Monday, we'll also be getting a referral to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Payton is tongue tied. The doc doesn't think it's strictly necessary since it doesn't drastically effect his speech..... I beg to differ, we worked a lot on his speech to prevent that but that's not why I want it fixed. It caused a gap in his baby teeth, no bit those are baby teeth they fall out. Which teeth did he loose first lol the bottom two of course and I'm concerned it will make just as big a gap in his permanent teeth.

Now, don't go thinking I want a kid that looks perfect and isn't unique. I have no problem with it from that standpoint. It bothers him that he can't stick out his tongue like the other kids, and his Dad and I have talked about it quite a bit. What happens when he's a bit older and *gasp* kisses a girl, will it make him feel inadequate? How will he handle being teased at school with the slight speach problems due to it not to mention what is likely to become a decent sized gap in this bottom teeth. Is it better to see about having this tiny issue clipped now than having to worry later if it would have been better to take care of it? Nick and I agree, it is worth looking into now instead of possibly waiting until he's older and has problem from it. Although, if they have to put him under to do it, I don't think it would be worth the risk. I want to know a professionals opinion. What are the pro's and con's from their point of view, what would happen if we did decide to say yes?

Now I have to go run some errends and work on a project I promised my mom..... It's not quilty though it is crafty. Payton and I are making her a Fairy House for her Fairy Gardens :)

I'll post later if we find anything for it!

I'm also planning on working on and the two cross quilts for Charisma, I actually have 1 finished except for sewing on one more side of the boarder. The second one I'm finishing up the 4 patch blocks I have 3/5 of them done. I don't know why it seems to fly from there, a little nervous about the boarder on the second one though, she sent a directional boarder an I've never done one before. Nothing ventured nothing gained though right? Here's the pattern she sent for it, it was a cross-stitch pattern origionally. Here's her cross quilt tutorial!

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